Syin De Senior Care Center

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After the awesome tour, we sang some songs like Holy Night, Merry Christmas, and so on, to the senior citizens, and shared the Christmas story. Next some of our classmates played instruments; the violin, flute, or the trumpet. It was great, the senior citizens and the workers all enjoyed it. Finally we pair up with a senior citizen and played bingo with them. We had folded origami, Morrison bags, Morrison hats, and verses lamented as prizes for those who won the game.

Finally it was time to go, and we were all sad about it. After our goodbyes, we rode back to Morrison and wrote our reflections, here are some of them:

“It made me want to spend more quality time with my grandmother who is getting older (She isn’t a Christian either). I’m glad she is healthy though.”

“I have always avoided and stayed away from old people who I think looks dirty, but after this wonderful experience I have change my thoughts. I think we should help them and get them to know more about God instead of just looking at the outward appearance.”

“The people who worked at the home] were full of service and provided the needs for old people, they took them in not because of their looks but because they were full of service. That is what I want to be, full of service.”

“I noticed that the staff were all really positive and encouraging even when it was hard to be happy.”

By: Ally (G7)