Stewarding Your Talents

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Students using their talents came easy to them. But before they even had the chance to put their skills to test, they had to decide what skills they had. From the choices of administration group (planning from behind the scenes and thinking logistically), art (creating thank you cards, bookmarks), music (providing live music), cooking (providing Thanksgiving food for the Shi-Zhang Li), teaching (telling the Thanksgiving story), and activity-planning (creating Bingo games), students were asked to sign up for one group and start working there. Each group was unique and interesting, engaging the students in creative ways to work.

The day ended with talents well spent. Teachers felt like the students had shown great effort, and middle school students left in high spirits for the Thanksgiving event. While each task took time and hard work, it was also fun and exciting for students to be able to work in groups and share their ideas together. This day certainly taught them a valuable lesson: how to steward your own talent.

Article written by 8th grade student, Annie L.