St. Coletta’s Training Center (G7)

For our first CSL of the year, the 7th grade went to St. Coletta’s Training Center. There, we worked with adults of ages 15 to 45, who were mentally and physically challenged. This was our first time going there.

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The 7th grade class was split into two groups. One challenged the residents at St. Coletta’s mentally, while the other provided several physical challenges.

The first group told a Bible story (Noah’s Ark), and then prepared two crafts for the adults to do. The crafts included creating a scene of Noah’s Ark floating on the ocean, and coloring in some animals afterwards. The Morrison students who prepared these crafts took pictures with the residents at St. Coletta’s.

The second group prepared some physical activities for the people at St. Coletta’s, like playing with beach balls, targets, and paper airplanes. The residents had plenty of fun, and we were glad that they were able to set one day apart just for us. It is such a wonderful opportunity.

Before we left, we took a group photo with the residents and teachers from both Morrison and St. Coletta’s. This experience will surely be a treasured one. We have learned so many things from them, including what they do in their classes, and what kind of activities they are mentally and physically able to do, etc. A big thank you to the parents who volunteered to drive us there!