National Taichung Special Education School

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After we got to the school a teacher showed us a power point presentation about the school. From that, I learned how the school gave the students in their school skills to do jobs in supermarkets and gasoline stations so that they could have jobs as they grow up. I was also very moved when they showed us a video of the students learning to ride a unicycle. They kept on trying and trying even if they kept on falling down. At the end, they were able to go so Sun Moon Lake and have a cycling trip there. They never gave up and were able to ride around the whole lake.

After the video, our class split into three groups and went to three different classrooms. The students were a few years older than us. We had the opportunity to to talk and play with the students there.

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Our group decided to do some games first so that they could get to know us better and have fun with us. First, we drew a large target on the black board and asked them to throw a ball at the target to get points. They seemed to enjoy it a lot, and we also enjoyed cheering them on. After that, we used a fluffy ball and a racket with a net to play catch. Some kids weren’t really good at it, so we helped them by holding the racket with them, and catching the ball for them. They were very happy when they caught the ball by themselves.

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Next, we had a candy hunt. Some of the sixth graders had hidden some candy outside, and so we went out with the students and guided them to the area where the candy was hidden. Everyone found at least six or seven pieces of candy.
Lastly, we went back to the classroom where some of us played some music on our violins. After that we gave each of them a coloring book to color as we told them the story of the picture that they were coloring.

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We then said our goodbyes and returned to school. In this CSL, we learned to have love and show mercy and be kind to those that are needy. They blessed us with their smiles and friendliness.

By Ayane (6th)