Saint Coletta (G7)

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This was the second visit for Grade 8 students to St. Coletta’s this year. These adults (ages 18 to 50) enjoyed a morning of activities prepared for them by our Morrison Grade 8 students. One group provided cookies that they had baked ahead of time for the St. Coletta’s students to decorate and enjoy eating. A second group provided some athletic activities with Beach Balls and Ping Pong Balls to get some exerciese. A third group provided the Bible lesson of Noah and God saving his family from a sinful world and the flood. The Morrison students prepared a large poster ahead of time – this visit it was Noah and the Ark after the flood. A plethora of animals were colored, cut out, and then glued on to the scene. We left the poster behind as a reminder of how God still wants to save us from a world of sin today – through His Son Jesus.

We split into three groups with three activities. One group hosted a coloring activity with Noah’s Ark. Another group taught the students how to decorate cookies. The third group ran some physical activities involving beach balls and nerf guns.

From this visit we are again reminded how these students can find joy in simple things in life. All the effort in planning and preparing is worth it when we see their smile.

We ended this visit with a “Treasure Hunt” (of candy) in a nearby park where our students hid – and then their students found, the treasure. We had a group photo, said “good-byes” and then returned to campus. A big “Thank You” to all the parents who made this CSL trip possible by driving and being chaperones.