Maria Social Welfare Foundation

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They gave us a chance to see them in action. They provide children and youth with early education/therapy, and a toddler/baby center for occupational and play therapy. For adults, they provide a home to help them live, social services, and help in obtaining jobs. They also provide vocational training and operate a cleaning service, bakery, bento box, and tea garden.

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After the tour, we took turns serving one another on the wheelchairs. Even though it was fun, we also realized how challenging it was to depend on the wheelchair to move around. We learned to keep an eye on the details, making sure the brake was on before we helped people off the wheelchairs.

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We had a chance to serve them by organizing their library books for them. We tried to do as much as we could in the short time that we had.

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I was impressed by the missionary doctor who was willing to build this school, and the workers in this school.

My first impressions when I came here was that I felt privileged because God gave me a good and healthy body with a great brain.

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During our February outing, the 8th graders travelled to the Shy Fang Foundation. Located high up in the Da Keng mountains, Shy Fang provides education and training to students with a wide range of special needs. The school provides early therapy, preschool, schooling for school aged, vocational training, pre-job training, and on-the-job training.

The school provides several on site opportunities for students to work and generate income for the school. Every weekday, they prepare and deliver bento boxes for local customers. In addition to the bento box, the school also operates a bakery and a “treehouse” coffee shop that serves coffee during the weekend; follow this link for photos and a review The cafe has been a good stepping stone for the students. Shy Fang also operate a second-hand store.