“I Am a Hero” Games

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Many Morrison students were assigned to athletes before the games. Others helped at event stations: taking measurements, running times to the timing table, or just encouraging the athletes. The I Am a Hero games were hosted by Viator Catholic High School, which is right beside our school. We were responsible for directing our partners to each event and encouraging our athletes. Middle school students were especially excited to see their cute partners and spend a day fully dedicated to this event. We were all very eager in passing out water bottles, setting up stages, passing out T-shirts and preparing events. Partnership and service were the most important elements that day. Having partnership with your buddy, classmates, staff, and teachers helped everything go smoothly. Student and teachers worked harmoniously to create the most comfortable environment for the disabled athletes.

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There were five different events that the athletes could participate in: jumping castle, running race, long jump, ball kick, and magnet fishing.

At the jumping castle, children jump up and down the air pumped castle and exercise their little leg muscles. Their parents were overjoyed to see their children jump and run around happily inside the castle. The long jump and ball kick were both events of strength and endurance. You could not imagine the smile on each athlete’s face when they had just kicked a ball. To them, it’s not just a kick; it’s a new approach that takes tremendous amounts of courage.

The running race was the most challenging event of all. The children ran with all their might, focusing on the finish line. They did not give up, but ran with courage and confidence. I recall one particular child who crossed the finish line and EVERYONE was cheering and on the verge of tears. This child was on wheels and mentally disabled. He had to roll all 200 meters gnashing his teeth and straining forward. He reminded me of Eric Little, running for God and the eternal prize.

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“Before joining I am a Hero games I thought it would just be an event where we’d cheer for physically disabled children as they do their sports events. In the beginning, my partner did not want to talk to me; she wouldn’t even want to look at me straight in the eyes. I prayed that she’ll accept me and just enjoy her time at the Hero Games. I knew my prayer was heard by God after the little girl begged for me to not leave her after the Games ended. She gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek (that was so cute haha). I think the Hero Games is more than just a sports event. We can make a child’s day unforgettable and impact a child’s life.”- 8th grade student, Roxanne C.

“Run in such a way as to get the prize.”-1 Corinthians 9:24

At the end of the day, every child is a HERO!

Article written by 8th grade student, David L.