Huei Ming Blind School (G6)

After we got off the bus, we walked over to the dorms. As we walked, we experienced how it felt like to be blind by getting in pairs with one person behind closing his/her eyes while their partner led. From that, we learned how much you had to trust your partner to be able to walk without fear, especially as we walked on a road with cars and motorcycles passing us. We could open up our eyes when we were afraid, but knew the blind people couldn’t.

Then, we took a tour of the building that the blind students lived in. We learned that even if they were blind, they were able to make things like mats and necklaces, which were sold to raise money for the school. They also had a room with a variety of musical instruments so they could have the opportunity to learn to develop their musical abilities.

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The area where the blind students lived had comfortable and clean rooms, with showers and sinks, and a living room with game boards on the table that the children played with at their free time. The staff had also put special sponges on any edges around the dorms so that the children wouldn’t hurt themselves. We were very happy to know that even if the students were blind, they could still learn to do work with their hands, and that there were workers that loved and cared for them.

After the tour, we went to a big dining hall and there we made dumplings with the blind people. At first, we were all very nervous, but after a while, we were able to relax and started to talk to them. Then we helped them make dumplings. Some of people we worked with were both blind and deaf so we just held their hands and prayed to let them know that we cared for them and loved them.

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After singing to them, we said our goodbyes and went to their little church to reflect of what we did today. We thank God for Huei Ming and realize that when they and we do anything for others in Jesus name, He smiles and says, “Well done, good and faithful servants.”

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Student Reflections:
Today, we helped do justice by helping blind people to make dumplings, serving food to them, and being patient and kind to them. (Brian T.)

I’m happy that the school is making the life of the blind easier by making ramps, treating them with medical care, giving them music classes, and showing kindness to them. (Julia F.)

Today, I learned to become friends to those who are lonely. (Hannah K.)

One thing I learned is that even though they are blind, they laugh and smile all the time. (Caroline T.)

By Ayane (6th)