Huei-Ming School and Home for Blind Children

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When we first got there, we were split into 2 groups. The first group went to a upper room, where they stacked chairs and tables away in a room aside. The other group went down to the basement of the main building and unloaded bags of extra food. Half of the second group were handling the bags from one side of the basement to the other,and the other half were unloading the bags. Then when most of the bags were over to the one side we separated them into piles of the specific kinds of food, for example a pile of canned goods, a pile of soy sauce, a pile of salt in bags, and a pile of noodles. (By this time the first group from upstairs were here helping the second group.) There were about 10 piles of food in all.

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After the two groups united, we finished the job downstairs, and went up to the 1st floor. Then we were paired up (two to one) with one of the students at the school. We walked them up to the 4th floor and started helping them do exercises. The first form of exercising was dance. Some of the students there did not want to dance, others did, and some even lead the class in dancing.

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Then next form of exercise was using a towel and holding it in your hands in a special position. Each student from Huei Ming got one. One position a student from Morrison remembered helping their partner was, was holding the towel firmly in both hands and to the left high up in the air then to the right high up in the air. There were many other positions. Then we had to go.

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After we finished saying goodbye to our partners we went to their cafeteria to do reflections. One student said, “I am happy to say that changed the way I look at people. My person had a destroyed face and was slow to things but he had a kind soul.” Another person said,”We cared for the children and treated them with love and dignity. I think they will realize what we did for them is what people will do when Jesus is in charge.”

For the first time the 8th graders had CSL this year, it went very well. We learned how we can show the world around us the kingdom of God. We also learned how the people around us feel about the kingdom of God being shown to them.

By Sarah (G8)