Huei-Ming School and Home for Blind Children

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One of the things that we found the most amazing is that Huei-Ming doesn’t charge any fees to the families that they serve – yet God has been faithful to provide everything that they need! Check out their website to see more about what they are doing and how you can get involved.

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Part of our service to Huei-Ming was to donate window cleaning supplies, and most of us spent the morning actually using the supplies that we brought to clean windows on two floors of the school where the students live. There were a lotof windows and they were pretty dirty. This was not the kind of work that many middle schoolers are used to doing. One middle schooler wrote in his journal, “During the bus ride to Huei Ming to help clean their windows, I was kind of annoyed that we had to clean windows and all that…but after I actually started cleaning, something came over my brain and it made cleaning so much more enjoyable. This was one of the best experiences for me to help people in need. Another said, “I’m not the type of person that volunteers to do all the chores at home, but being here, seeing how dirty the windows were, made me really want to help somehow. This experience helped me learn about being more compassionate and volunteering more.”
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We all had specific jobs to do and we worked well in our teams. And we ALL got pretty wet and dirty! It was worth it, though. This student’s words sum up the idea that a lot of students reflected on: “Even though it was really dirty, I felt really clean on the inside…”

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While most of us were cleaning, about ten of us got to take a long walk with some of the Huei-Ming students and teachers. This was challenging in some ways; one eighth grader wrote, “It seemed like the girl I was walking with had no emotion. Although she seemed that way and extremely shy, I couldn’t help but feel some kind of a vibe from her. She seemed to be very knowledgeable despite her quiet demeanor. I still regret not being able to start a continuous conversation with her. But somehow this taught me about talking to God. You know something’s there, something special, but you don’t pursue far enough to understand it. It seemed that way with me and that girl. I hope God will continue to help me with that.

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This experience led to some really important insights for some our middle schoolers. “When I was walking with the blind kids, I was wondering why God made me be able to see and not the kid I was walking with. I decided I should thank God because He made me the way I am. On the way back, though, I realized that being able to see is a privilege and that I need to use my eyes and the rest of my body to serve God.”

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The words of an eighth grade girl sum up the trip nicely: “This was an amazing experience – I would absolutely love to come back. While serving these children I learned a lot about compassion.”