Huei Ming Blind School

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Here are some reflections from the students:

“I helped in the music class. We paired with the students and went around the room in a steady beat. One of the students started singing along with the Christian music. She was so good, every pitch was perfect, and that was stunning to see. She couldn’t see and had mental problems, yet Jesus gave her talent in singing.”

“Today was different than last time because we weren’t helping older people, we helped kids in a classroom. I liked this time better because it focused more one on one with one kid. I liked working with kids my age a little better. I helped a little boy learn how to screw things on and off. Even though he got frustrated, it was still good helping him. After I helped him, I thought “I was doing Kingdom work”. I really enjoyed my time at Huei Ming.”

“One difference between today and our first trip was that we experienced what its like to really assist the kids. I felt more happy and it was more rewarding.”

“The staff there are very passionate about helping. They want to help the people with disabilities and teach them about God. The staff are also very patient.”

By Eunice (8th)