Huei-Ming Blind School (G6)

Today we went to Huei-Ming Blind School where we were able to interact with some truly amazing students. Our day began by attending chapel where we were inspired by the blind worship team. The children were dynamic and full of joy. They also showed us some pictures of two students that were recently baptized.

See more photos here.

Once Chapel was over, we participated in a simulation where the Morrison student was blindfolded and had to follow a rope and race their blind companion from one end to the other. We also had the opportunity to play games and walk around together. During the break we were able to have conversations with our buddies and got to know them as individuals. We learned that each student was unique and we were surprised by the similar interests we had. Our day ended with a tour of their facilities. One of the most impressive things we saw was ceramics made by the blind students. They were true works of art.