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When she finished with the introduction, we started with a program we had prepared. First, Brian T. and Julia F. told the story of how God created the world. Then, several of us played our instruments, which included solos and duets. After the music, we all partnered with different residents and had played a little bingo game involving interesting facts about Taiwan. It was fun and most of the residents enjoyed playing it very much. The winners all got special presents we brought with us. After that, we had the opportunity to talk to them, put lotion and give them back massages. We also gave them Thanksgiving posters we made that showed what we were thankful to God for. We also gave them little booklets that talked about God. Next, the class sang two hymns–“And Can It Be That I Should Gain”, and “Amazing Grace.” We ended our visit by playing more music for them. The residents were very kind and appreciative and it was a privilege for us to visit them.

When we got back from the service, we thought we were glad to be able to have an opportunity to talk to them and learn from them. We felt good to be able to tell them about God, and play fun playing games with them.

Additional Comments:

“You know what, Ayane? I think old people grow on you. I was with this sweet little lady, and since my Chinese wasn’t real good, I couldn’t speak much with her, but I loved her, and you know what? When it was time to leave, she wouldn’t let go of my hand! Oh, I hope we can go back again…” – Liesje

“I think that we need to really care for others. One day we will get old and I know we will enjoy having someone come to visit us.” – Miki

“One person said he loved Jesus and really liked the picture book about Jesus that we gave him. Older people seem to like it when they have someone to talk to.” – Enlai

By Ayane (G6)