Dung Shan Elementary

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First, the students took us on a tour of their school. We were in four big groups, with partners in each group. The students had practiced speeches in English to tell us about all of the things that we saw.
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Next, we got to sit down with our students and get to know them a little bit. The Morrison students who are just learning Mandarin had practiced asking and answering some questions in Mandarin, but we also had one Morrison Mandarin speaker in each group – they had to work extra hard that day doing a lot of translating! After that, we read the English books that we had brought to our new buddies.
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Before we left, we spent some time writing down our reflections (see below) on the day. The Dung Shan students gave us a warm goodbye.
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Here are some of our reflections that we like to share with you:
(a teacher’s reflection) “I saw so many hearts moved this morning. I could see it on the faces, in the body language… I was taken by surprise… at seeing some Morrison students who I would not have expected to be as involved as they were…and I daresay that those students were taken by surprise themselves.”

“My buddy was very patient when showing us around the school. She waited for us to catch up when we needed to. She was very brave because she helped start a conversation with us.”

“The best thing about my buddy was that she really took her time to explain and teach me about their school and life. I saw hard work in her.”

“The image from today that will stay with me the longest is when I was reading to my buddy. He was really listening; almost so serious I could’ve laughed. I realized he was very serious about improving his English.”

“The best thing about my buddy was that he liked to play, just like me. God made him fun, fun-loving, easy to get along with, and cool.”

“I think when the girl smiled at me that’s when I felt that I was doing something to make another person happy and I think that was the best thing that came out of today.”

“When I told them Jesus loves you in Chinese they were like, `Who’s Jesus?’ We should come back to the school because otherwise they will never find out who the Jesus who loves them is.”

(a teacher’s reflection) As we said our final good-byes down on the basketball court, I saw the students from the school jumping up and down in excitement, wildly waving their arms in hopes of catching the eye of their Morrison Buddy, and then running full-speed into the arms of their buddy once he/she was spotted. Again, I saw the surprise in the eyes of some Morrison students as their buddies latched on and hugged tightly, and then I saw the arms of the Morrison student tighten and return the hug. It was so clear to me how many hearts were moved today.

“I will always remember my buddy’s kindness to me.”

“My buddy hugging me goodbye is the image that will stay with me the longest. It was the last thing I expected her to do. She seemed a little sad to see us go.”

“I want to go again because I finally found passion….”

“I think we should come back to this school to show that God loves them and he doesn’t come once and then leave shortly after.”