Deaf Bakery (G8)

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On this particular day, when much of the work had been completed, the director taught some Chinese Sign Language signs to our students. He then surprised them when he said that there were some bakery workers who were going to meet in small groups with our students. Of course, all of the workers are deaf – and our students had forty-five minutes to communicate with them.

Most people in society never even see a deaf person, let alone have the opportunity to meet one. During this time, our students did a great job of figuring out how to ask and respond to questions. They found out where the bakery worker lived, how old they were, about their families, and if they were Christians. They also answered questions about their own families – if they had brothers or sisters and what birth order they were among the kids. Many other topics were “discussed” and walls of fear were broken down.

We look forward to again visiting the AGDB in March to help them as they prepare for the special upcoming Mothers’ Day Holiday. This time students will be able to sign “hello” to a worker that they have met and held a ‘conversation’ with.

As always, we thank our parent volunteers for driving and working alongside their children on these special days. See you in March!