Deaf Bakery (G6)

{artimageview flickrSet=”72157638306144926″ flickr=”78731558@N02&gt” flickrApiKey=”318b0b61a79a582e2f1f53d20843427a” flickrThumbSize=”s” flickrImageSize=”b” flickrNumberOfImages=”99″}{/artimageview}At the beginning we all formed a chain going from the lower floors to the fifth floor. We moved boxes of all types up the stairs. What took us 30 minutes would have been 3 hours of work for the staff at the bakery. 

Then we split into two groups. Ten people went to help wash dishes, trays, racks, and refrigerators, and make cookies. The rest sat around tables on the 2nd floor and assembled Christmas boxes. We made Thanksgiving posters for the deaf bakery and gave them to Pastor Pang. 

At the end, he taught us some sign language, told us about how each deaf person has a sign name, and introduced us to four deaf people who work at the bakery. Then in four different groups, we tried to communicate with one of the deaf people. It was a challenge to us. 

We learned that “Deaf people can do anything, but hear.” We learned that we can be a help to others by doing simple things, saving them time to do their jobs. We learned that it is difficult, but not impossible to communicate with a deaf person.