Deaf Bakery (G7)

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Afterwards, we were divided into 13 small groups to begin our work. Some people helped out in the kitchen with making moon cakes. Others helped upstairs with other cleaning chores. In my group, Pricilla and I helped downstairs in the first floor with mopping and window cleaning. We also wiped shelves, swept the floors, and clean the counter and baseboards. At the deaf bakery, the workers are unable to speak and communicate with each other through the use of sign language. In their small community, there are people who help translate since they can both speak and sign. Before we went on our CSL trip we had the opportunity to hear from the director of the bakery in our Bible class. We also learned some sign language. We learned that point your thumbs toward someone and wiggling them means “Hello”, but we had to be careful because pointing your big thumbs toward each other and wiggling them means “Marriage”.

This service learning went really well and we had a great experience. We learned a lot and I’m glad we had the opportunity to serve. I learned that we should always help others and try to reach out to people as Christians. Oh, and also have good time! This CSL outing made me grateful that I can hear and also that I am able to help those that can’t. I hope we will have a CSL opportunity such as this one again in the future.

By Esther H. (G7)