Community Cleaning

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Everyone worked together harmoniously as a team!  You could feel that everyone was really concentrated on their task. Students and teachers were thinking critically of dealing with different objects and situations. It was really our pleasure to serve the community.  The best part was especially when everyone was smiling and looking at what we’ve accomplished!

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Communication was our biggest key to success. We needed to cooperate with the teacher and with instructions. In order to finish the task on time, we learned to talk with each other about different problems. For example, it was essential to communicate with peers on working in different areas. Everyone was very passionate with their work and nobody complained about the hard work. In the end we were very productive, being proactive!


The weeds in our neighborhood really needed quite a bit of trim. This time the eighth graders tackled it, and really got their hands dirty.

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1!2!3! PULL!! The tall weeds were even taller than some of us!  The hot sun reflected our spirit to serve! As we slowly pulled out the weeds one by one, everyone was sweating. Some of the gloves on our hands were torn by the end. We took turns digging into the soil and making the weeds easier to pull. At the end, all the weeds were removed and everyone was very excited to see the beautiful community.

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Article written by 8th grade student, David L.