Church of Christ Clean Up

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All the big, strong guys were busy hauling pieces of floor tiles down from the fourth floor to the first, and let’s just say, one trip was already too much for them. On the fourth floor, the ladies were cleaning the rooms, while other boys repainted the church benches. Upstairs at the balcony, another team of students were repairing the paint and getting rid of broken pieces of wood from the last typhoon.

On our walk back to Morrison, numerous students commented that they were very happy to help out and see the difference that they made, while others noted on the happy expressions on the church owner’s faces. Knowing that it would’ve taken much, much longer to leave the work to our hosts, we learned that all the help we gave, would be appreciated.

Here are some of the student’s and Mr. Freeman’s reflections

“I felt great that I could help others like Pastor Yu’s church. As we were all cleaning stuff, I felt that we were all one. Like we were all doing it together working hard.”

“I felt good with it was cleaned and I feel good because I was helping other people. I was tempted to us stop and sit in a chair under the air-con but I just kept on working.” (Mr. Freeman)

By Jessica (G7)