Child Fund (G8)

The Grade 8 Class went and served at the Child Fund ministry nearby Feng Jia University and the new Taiwan Park construction (old Shui Nan Airport).

At this location, Morrison students served the Child Fund children – all ages 4, 5, or 6, who come to this school each day Monday through Friday. Specifically, the Morrison students created and prepared four activities for the Child Fund students. These stations included “Music & Movement”; “Drawing & Coloring”; “Block Building”; and “Ball Exercise”.

We, once again, learned that a smile and a little love shown to those in need can go a long way. Students reflected that the time we had at Child Fund “flew by” and that our time to return to our school came all too quickly. We look forward to serving these young students again in the future – with some Grade 8 students even signing up to go back on their own to volunteer.

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