Chang Qing Senior Citizens Center

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After greeting our guests in the atrium, we started the day in the auditorium with a performance by our Middle School band. Then our guests treated us to several songs and a look at some of the Chinese paintings that they had done during their classes.

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Following the performances, our guests enjoyed a small snack, got to ask Mr. Heading questions about Morrison, and heard an explanation of the gospel from two of our high school students.

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The main part of the day was a tour of the school. Nine groups of Morrison middle school students and senior citizens, led by 8th graders, followed different routes around the school. We were pretty surprised at how active they were – at times, we could barely keep up with them! At certain stops on the tour, students from the high school Service Class gave an explanation of their location; the middle school students in each group did a great job of getting to know the guests, answering their questions, waiting for them if they needed to take a bathroom break or a rest, and presenting them with a gospel bracelet at the end of the day.

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