Amazing Grace Deaf Bakery (G8)

The Grade 8 Bible students attended their first CSL event of the year at the Amazing Grace Deaf Bakery.

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The day started out with some Chinese Sign Language Lessons and then forty-five minutes of interaction between one deaf employee and five to six Morrison students. They had to figure out how to communicate to ask and answer questions in an effort to get to know each other. After this time of introduction, both the students and the employees set out to clean up the building next door that they have been renting for many years. The owner raised the rent, so they moved all of their equipment and other “dong shi” out. We were the final cleaning team that allowed the Deaf Bakery to end their lease and begin to concentrate on having the bakery in two buildings – rather than three. Much work was accomplished and much was learned during this special morning. Thank you parents for your support in driving us there and back and in helping us as we swept and mopped and dusted. We appreciate your help.