Ai Jia Church Cleaning

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The girls started out by washing and scrubbing all the tables clean, and Mr. Myburgh even helped! The boys cleaned and wiped the windows. After we were all done, we rested a while and continued working.

Next, about six girls started to wash the floor. At first we wiped it over with water, some kneeling, some skating with cloths on their feet, but it still looked dirty. So we sat for a moment, puzzled. Then, someone saw a bunch of ants on the floor, and we were all trying to kill them. A person grabbed the cleanser and sprayed it at the ants. Then wiped the dead ants clean, discovering the tile that was sprayed was totally white! We were shocked and started the clean the whole floor again with the cleanser. The rest of our team were to take off the screen window and scrub it, washing all the dust off.

After we were all done, the pastor gave us a milk tea or black tea and a sports drink. While Mr. Myburgh presented three Morrison hats to the pastor, the pastor’s wife, and one of the church’s worker. Finally, we took a group photo and prayed for the pastor’s family and the church.

Here are two reflections:

“I felt energized and proud of myself and my team. I was encouraged that I could make such a big difference. During CSL I saw the difference between how it was before we helped clean the church, and after we helped. It was also great to see how joy much we gave the pastor and his wife. It was actually fun working together to help the Ai-Jia church.”

“I feel great that I can help others like Ai-Jia church. As we were all cleaning stuffs, I felt that we are all one. Like, we’re doing together, working hard. It was very fun experience. The Kingdom of God is that we don’t just help or serve ourselves, but to other people, their needs. We need to be a Kingdom of God people.”

By Ally (G7)