Huei Ming School for the Blind (G7)

We went to Huei-Ming School for the Blind. It was a return trip for many of us.

Most of the students were already gone for Chinese New Year break, but one class of students were still at the school. We walked with them, and several of their teachers, to Family Mart. They go there regularly as part of their community learning program. They were able to buy a snack if they wanted one. When we returned to the school, we got to watch a movie with them. Because they were blind, or partially blind, we were able to tell them what was happening during the movie (when there was no dialogue) and we helped some of them with their snacks.

We learned a lot about how our temperamental strengths can be used to serve others. One student said, “When the guy started licking his drink, being calm definitely helped me to do that.” Another said, The strength that helped me today was good listening. This strength made me to try to listen to what the girl said.” We also learned that being in a different situation than normal allows us to practice some of the character traits that we have been studying in new ways. For example, “I had to use courage it’s scary how some of them are acting,” and, “I used self-control when going into the store, and I had kindness in helping my partner.”

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