Huei Ming Blind School (G6)

I think that the trip to the blind school was very interesting. We got to “ learn “ braille and kind of use it to spell out names and our numbers. I thought it was amazing how blind people could use the computers. The special computers looked complicated to me, but they probably had no problem with it once they knew how to use it!

We got to participate in a blind simulation. It’s was terrifying to run with your closed with just a string to guide you! I think it was a very good experience because we got to see how the blind people could be scared of a sudden movement or a loud noise. In my opinion, I think if you do it a couple times, you might get used to it and have more confidence in yourself.
I think the blind school is a very good place to learn about how God created you how he wants you to be, even if you have disabilities, God still loves you very much. Soon I think technology will improve so much, that it will help the blind and the disabled to do more stuff that we can do.

I would still like to visit the thrift store, because I want to see the stuff we donated and see how much stuff other nice people have given to them. I hope we could go to the school some other time and learn more about the inventions that helped them with everyday lives!

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