Deaf Bakery (G8)

Josh: I really enjoyed the Deaf Bakery this year. I felt like this time I really got to bond with/ become friends with the workers than on previous trips. It felt really good to help them carry boxes, make bread, scrub sweet potatoes, make boxes and much more. Although some were annoyed by this morning, I thought it was a great opportunity to help the underprivileged and serve God.

Myles: When I went to the deaf bakery I realized just how hard it is to be deaf. If something dropped or spilled they couldn’t hear it. If someone got hurt they couldn’t hear them cry in pain. Yet God works in mysterious ways. Even though people who in our eyes are handicapped, and could have blamed God, claim it is a gift from God.

Caitlin: It was a great experience 🙂 It was fun to fold boxes and occasionally annoy people. Most of all, I learned that just by doing little deeds like folding boxes you can make a group of people happy. Great CSL trip!

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