St. Coletta’s (G7)

Grade 7 did a really nice job at CSL #1 with the students and staff of St. Coletta’s. It was neat to circulate around the whole morning and see our students working in groups, as well as 1:1, with their students. Our students facilitated several games and an art station on 3 different floors at St. Colletta’s. Morrison students really showed their care and creativity as they often had to improvise by making up new games on the spot due to spending a longer time with the St. Colletta students. At the end, Morrison students shared the story of Jesus’ birth and how He came to earth to show His love for everyone. During our reflection time after CSL, our kids would tell you that they were very tired, but that it was all worth it because they could see that the St. Colletta students had a great time!

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