Deaf Bakery (G8)

On Friday March 14th, 2014 the Grade 8 students went to the Amazing Grace Deaf Bakery for our final CSL event of this school year. At the bakery, we worked side by side with deaf workers folding boxes and filling them with cookies, cutting onions and crying as we prepared them to be put into a recipe, moved boxes and cleaned and organized in the basement, cut and packaged and froze margarine for future baking, and invested hours cutting up figs into quarters to go into bread later. We had a great morning working together with the Deaf Bakery employees.

CSL I Am a Hero Games

This May, our middle school got to serve at a special CSL event called the “I Am a Hero” games. Although the name might sound a bit like a game of comic heroes and villains, the purpose of this event is to help those with disabilities gain confidence, take part in real competition, and become a HERO!

Home of Love (G8)

Here are some reflections by the students for this trip: By Gabe R.: Today we went to the Home of Love. It was kind of scary at first for me because I didn’t know what to expect from the people there. In the end I enjoyed it a lot and getting to know the people […]

Huei Ming School for the Blind (G7)

We went to Huei-Ming School for the Blind. It was a return trip for many of us. Most of the students were already gone for Chinese New Year break, but one class of students were still at the school. We walked with them, and several of their teachers, to Family Mart. They go there regularly […]

Deaf Bakery (G8)

Josh: I really enjoyed the Deaf Bakery this year. I felt like this time I really got to bond with/ become friends with the workers than on previous trips. It felt really good to help them carry boxes, make bread, scrub sweet potatoes, make boxes and much more. Although some were annoyed by this morning, […]

Huei Ming Blind School (G6)

I think that the trip to the blind school was very interesting. We got to “ learn “ braille and kind of use it to spell out names and our numbers. I thought it was amazing how blind people could use the computers. The special computers looked complicated to me, but they probably had no […]

Deaf Bakery (G8)

The 8th grade went to Amazing Grace Deaf Bakery. There we helped them to fold boxes for their very popular cakes and cookies. The favorite part of the day was when they sat with the workers and tried to communicate with them to learn about who they are and where they are from. The students […]

St. Coletta's (G7)

Grade 7 did a really nice job at CSL #1 with the students and staff of St. Coletta’s. It was neat to circulate around the whole morning and see our students working in groups, as well as 1:1, with their students. Our students facilitated several games and an art station on 3 different floors at […]

Home of Love (G6)

This is the first time our whole class went to CSL (Christian Service Learning), I’m pretty sure all of us had new experiences and new feelings. Through my past experiences with Taiwan Sunshine, I felt confident. As I walked into the large building of “Home of Love”, my feelings automatically shifted to an uncomfortable feeling. […]

Amazing Grace Deaf Bakery (G7)

Our CSL event in February took place at the Amazing Grace Deaf Bakery. When we arrived, we split into four groups; each group spent about 30 minutes with one of the employees, communicating only in sign language! We were surprised at how much we could communicate and learn without really speaking each others’ language, and […]