Student Activity

Tayal Capstone Project

Hi everyone! We are high school seniors from Morrison Academy in Taichung, Taiwan. Over the past year, we’ve had the opportunity to be a part of our school’s Capstone class, in which students develop a project based on their passion or a topic they are interested in, and create a final product that demonstrates their […]

2017 Mother's Day Brunch

[flickr_set user_id=”136494165@N05″ id=”72157683835791495″ border=”yes” max_num_photos=”68″]

College Day (October 2016)

Students and staff devoted half of Friday to all things related to college. Everyone took away something helpful. [slickr-flickr search=”sets” set=”72157672456972963″ ID=”136494165@N05″ items=”20″ thumbnail_size=”small” photos_per_row=”3″ type=”gallery” size=”large”]

House of Blues - October 2016

The House of Blues gave students the chance to listen to other students perform a variety of styles of music and eat lots of snacks. The evening ended with a Blues Bash which included a DJ style music playlist.  Take a look at more pictures from the evening.  

2016 WSC Outreach Assembly

[slickr-flickr type=”slideshow” search=”sets” set=”72157674739846825″ items=”25″] The artist Austin Kleon once advised his students, “Draw the art you want to see, play the music you want to hear, write the books you want to read, build the products you want to use.” In designing the World Scholar’s Cup, my team and I have always kept something […]

16-17 September High School House Activity

“House” Mission Statement from STUCO “The Student Council initiated this high school house system in order to further student unity and school spirit. We envision this program helping incentive student involvement with others and different school functions. There will be a house activity once a month, while students can also earn points through attending sports, […]

HS Spiritual Life Week, Fall 2016

Marks of a Champion Christian [slickr-flickr type=”slideshow” search=”sets” set=”72157672855306240″ items=”25″ align=”center”] Pastor Rich Green will be our guest speaker sharing about the “Marks of a Champion Christian” [slickr-flickr type=”slideshow” search=”sets” set=”72157670352941034″ items=”25″ align=”center”]

8th Grade Recognition

Enjoy some pictures from today’s 8th Grade Recognition! Congrats, Class of 2020! You did it!