2018 Inductees

2010 - 2011  Basketball Team

35-0 may sound impressive, but not as impressive as watching the 2010-11 boys basketball team perform. They concluded the season by mercy rule (i.e. had a 30-point lead) in every game at the Far East Championships including the semi-final and championship games. This Mustang juggernaut nearly had the 30-point lead by half-time in both of […]

Grant Robinson

2018 Inductee Grant Robinson was a tremendous all-around athlete during his years at Morrison. While best known for his basketball talent where he scored 27 points per game his senior year (#2 all-time) and made 218 3-point shots during his varsity career (#1 all-time), he also lead the soccer team with 33 goals in his […]

Megan Dwight

2018 Inductee Megan Dwight was known as a passionate athlete who always demanded the most out of herself. She spent her Senior year excelling in the athletic arena. That year she earned MVP awards in volleyball, basketball, soccer, and track and was the captain of two teams. All tournament status was awarded to her at […]

Rachel Schulz

2018 Inductee Rachel Schulz was a strong and powerful athlete who combined these attributes with skill and speed to become one of Morrison’s top power hitters in volleyball and a top thrower in track and field. In volleyball Rachel averaged 9.4 kills per match her senior year and had a career total of 550 kills […]

Jennifer Craker

2018 Inductee Jennifer Craker was a multi-sport athlete who played with passion and energy every time she took the field or court for Morrison. Soccer was her best sport and she scored many goals for Morrison as she roamed the field with speed and agility. She also put her speed to work for the track […]

Stephen Hovater

2018 Inductee When thinking about Stephen Hovater playing basketball one remembers him slashing to the basket, fighting through the defense, diving for loose balls, laying the ball softly into the hoop, and playing with an amazing amount of drive and energy. During his four years on the varsity basketball team, Stephen scored the second most […]

James Grandi

2018 Inductee James Grandi competed in sports at Morrison with a passion and joy which left a lasting memory for all those who watched him play. He was a solid defender on the back line in soccer repelling goal after goal and he anchored the post in basketball denying points in the paint and grabbing […]