Tech Overview

The goal of the Educational Technology Coordinator is to enable teachers and students to wisely use technology to improve teaching, learning, and integrating Biblical truth in the context of a technology-driven culture

Vision for Technology Statement

Morrison Academy is committed to preparing its students and faculty to meet the challenges of a technologically changing world. We believe that meeting this vision requires that we:

  • Employ a biblical perspective and encourage students and faculty to do the same when dealing with the material and information related to technology.
  • Envision technology as an integral part of all curricular areas and used appropriately as interdisciplinary tools.
  • Explore together, the dynamic world of technology, information, and communication.
  • Empower students and faculty with a practical, flexible, and challenging education in technology, which will enable them to think independently and analytically in solving substantive problems and in doing projects creatively.

Belief Statement

Regarding the utilization of technology, we believe:

  • That the utilization of technology must always be aligned with the principles found in the Word of God. Depending upon the intent of the users, technology can be used for good or for evil.
  • Recognizing that technology can be used for good or evil, thus we are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that students learn to use technology to advance God’s kingdom.
  • That technology should be used as a resource that supports work in and out of the school and provide effective ways for students and teachers to manage information.
  • Technology should promote critical thinking, problem-solving and evaluative competence.
  • Furthermore, it should provide opportunities whereby students can be taught discernment, i.e. the filtering and screening of information against Biblical standards.
  • The proper utilization of technology in the school has the potential for better equipping students to live and serve in our increasingly interrelated world without replacing interpersonal relationships.

Regarding the curriculum and instruction, we believe:

  • Normally, technological skills and content are best presented, evaluated, and assessed within the context of the school curriculum.
  • The use of technology has implications for the teaching methods and strategies used in the delivery of the curriculum.
  • Time should be allocated for technology in-service learning.

Regarding technology as a resource, we believe:

  • Technology is a viable and complementary means of researching, learning, organizing and presenting knowledge.
  • Technology should encourage students toward success while accommodating their preferred learning styles.
  • The curriculum should be supported by technology which has been shown to be effective.