Teacher/Library Aide

As teacher aides, students with a heart for volunteering use their class time to assist teachers with whatever they need help with. Printing papers, organizing workrooms, and putting up posters on the bulletin board are all errands that the students run for teachers. All your hard work pays off though, because on occasion, the office ladies get you free teas! “You always have something to do,” says Liberty H.

There is another E-course similar to this: library aide. Library aides help the librarians sort books, place them on the shelves, and help students check out books. In this elective, you also get to try out games, for the younger grade levels.

Interview of Library aides:

Q1. Why did you choose this E-Course?
Elizabeth H.: I like to read, know where books are, and learn more about the library.
Jessie L.: Last time I picked the E-course, it was fun, so I decided to join again.

Q2. What have you learned about this E-Course and what do you do in it?
Elizabeth H.: We shelve books, check them out, and put away videos.

Q3. What type of person would you recommend for this E-Course?
Elizabeth H.: Someone who reads and likes books.
Jessie L.: Book nerds, quiet and patient people.