Rock Climbing

The E-course “Rock Climbing” has provided students with adventure and physical satisfaction for several years. Taught by Mr. Schmidt, this class has proven to be one of, if not, the most popular elective course middle school has to offer. Before climbing, students are taught the universal phrases of rock climbing for easy communication between the belayer (the person that holds the ropes, that suspend the climber in the air) and the climber to confirm safety.

“When you’re on the wall and you look down, you see your life flash before your eyes….It lends a sense of insignificance and makes me think how great is our God,” Max (G8) told me, as he finished climbing the red wall. Rock-Climbing, ultimately, teaches students much more than how to climb a wall, it amplifies the urge to pursue new things.  This explains Rock Climbing’s popularity and longevity (being one of the longest surviving E-Courses, save Choir, Band, and Orchestra).