Box Kites

This course is very good for people who like to design and make things themselves. It encourages people to use their brain and create things. Flying their own colorful kite brings students great satisfaction.

The box kite class, taught Mr. Schirmer, is an elective where students learn to make kites using balsa wood. “Very fun, and was my favorite time of the day!” says Bryan K. After finishing the kites, students get to all go outside to fly the kites they made themselves.

“I really liked flying something I actually made myself.” – Bryan K.

“I really liked to make things on my own, especially with wood.” – Andrew C.

“I always wanted to build my own kite!” – Brian T.

“They fly better than normal kites and they’re more sturdy.” – Gavin S.

This course is great for those who like crafts and designing, and for those who take satisfaction in flying their own colorful kites.

By: Bryan K. and Andrew C. (G7)