3D Modeling

In the 3D Modeling E-course, students watch four tutorials videos and learn the basics of Google Sketchup. Mr. Wu helps students with technical difficulties they sometimes encounter. Students build houses, furniture, and design the interiors of houses. Students start with the basics of SketchUp and then design houses from pictures found online.

This course is good for people who have creative minds and like to design things. However, making 3D models is a cool skill to learn even if you aren’t creative or don’t like designing things. Like the flying school bus in the picture above, students can be creative and make things in their dreams either by using components that others have made or by creating something of their very own.

Comments about 3D Modeling:

“Turning 2D stuff into 3D is awesome!” – Bryan K..
“I think 3D modeling is the best class I have ever taken!” – Gavin S.

The Tutorial Videos:

1. The Basics
2. How to Make a House
3. Interior Design (windows, easy bookshelves, and etc.)
4. How to Make a Detailed Table

By: Brian T.