Exploratory Courses

At Morrison Academy, middle school students have the opportunity to choose their exploratory classes (E-courses). Students get to try not just academic courses, but courses for enjoyment, personal interests and enrichment. Every day they have at least one E-course that they participate in. The electives change each quarter to allow more variety in the topics that they can choose.

E-courses are a great chance for students to expand their interests and hobbies. When it’s time to pick new courses, 8th graders get the first pick because it would be their last year in middle school. The students are required to do a semester music course and both art and tech quarter courses during their middle school years.

Some students prefer to get an early start on debates, so they join the World Scholar’s Club. Other students use the time to learn new skills, like crocheting, cooking, or making kites. Students interested in athletics choose sport courses, such as Flag Football, Indoor Sports, Rock Climbing, and Volleyball.

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