Exploratory Courses

At Morrison Academy, middle school students have the opportunity to choose their exploratory classes (E-courses). Students get to try not just academic courses, but courses for enjoyment, personal interests and enrichment. Every day they have at least one E-course that they participate in. The electives change each quarter to allow more variety in the topics that they can choose.

E-courses are a great chance for students to expand their interests and hobbies. When it’s time to pick new courses, 8th graders get the first pick because it would be their last year in middle school. The students are required to do a semester music course and both art and tech quarter courses during their middle school years.

Some students prefer to get an early start on debates, so they join the World Scholar’s Club. Other students use the time to learn new skills, like crocheting, cooking, or making kites. Students interested in athletics choose sport courses, such as Flag Football, Indoor Sports, Rock Climbing, and Volleyball.


3D Modeling

In the 3D Modeling E-course, students watch four tutorials videos and learn the basics of Google Sketchup. Mr. Wu helps students with technical difficulties they sometimes encounter. Students build houses, furniture, and design the interiors of houses. Students start with the basics of SketchUp and then design houses from pictures found online.

E- American Football

American Football

Masculinity is one of the things attributed to football; but some people forget, that is not the only vibe football gives off. It helps you grow in things such as teamwork, leadership and for many people, it helps you get more in shape. When you first start playing your skills will not be as developed, so you might not be as good as some other players. Do not let that discourage you! I can guarantee if you really try in class, you will be much better at the end of the year.


Rock Climbing

The E-course “Rock Climbing” has provided students with adventure and physical satisfaction for several years. Taught by Mr. Schmidt, this class has proven to be one of, if not, the most popular elective course middle school has to offer. Before climbing, students are taught the universal phrases of rock climbing for easy communication between the belayer (the person that holds the ropes, that suspend the climber in the air) and the climber to confirm safety.

Movie Making

Movie Making

Do you want to learn about how to make videos and other types of fun?  Then this is the E course for you!  In movie making you will learn how to make stop-motion videos.  Led by Andy Wu, this is a class where you can relax after a long time of study and work.  Students […]


Box Kites

This course is very good for people who like to design and make things themselves. It encourages people to use their brain and create things. Flying their own colorful kite brings students great satisfaction.

Indoor Sports

Indoor Sports

This e-course is called the “Indoor Sports”, You play different sports and games inside the gym. Also, you get to play in a team with other people, and get to involve more in it and other people better. Also it helps you to excerise just by playing in game ports, and playing fair and doing […]


Teacher/Library Aide

As teacher aides, students with a heart for volunteering use their class time to assist teachers with whatever they need help with. Printing papers, organizing workrooms, and putting up posters on the bulletin board are all errands that the students run for teachers. All your hard work pays off though, because on occasion, the office ladies get you free teas! “You always have something to do,” says Liberty H.

Chinese Painting

Chinese Painting

Chinese Painting was one of the elective choices in E1, with Mr. Chiang as the teacher and instruter. On the first day in Chinese Painting, Mr. Chiang showed and explained to the class the different materials used to make the utensils for Chinese Painting. Then, during the next class, the class learned how to hold […]

Futsal Indoor Soccer

Futsal Indoor Soccer

In this E-course, students will learn more about Futsal and indoor soccer.  This E-course is enjoyable for students because you get to act most of the time, unlike some other sports.  The limit is 5 on 5, or 4 on 4, with subs. There are different rules for Futsal and indoor soccer, which makes this […]


Chapel Worship Team

Chapel is a time when students get together to make music to praise God. But most people don’t know the effort and time that some students put into this. All the student put a lot of effort in their practice. They work on vocals, instruments, but most of all they learn to work together to praise God.