Transferring of Credit Procedures (non-USA)

The school recognizes that courses from non-USA schools vary when it comes to course content and number of hours required for completion. In most cases, Morrison will recognize their legitimacy as credible institutions and will attempt to transfer credits on a one-to-one or in-class-time component basis. Final decisions will rest with the high school counselor and/or principal. Every attempt will be made to benefit the student, honor academic work already completed, and appropriately meet Morrison Academy’s requirements.

  • Gaining Credit

    Maximum Number of Credits
    To be determined by the high school counselor. Clearance of more than 8 credits in a school year requires the approval of the high school principal.

    Official Transcript
    An official transcript from the school the student is transferring from needs to be mailed directly to Morrison Academy Admissions prior to consideration for admission. No credit will be granted for any semester that is missing from the school’s official transcript. It is the family’s responsibility to make certain the school mails a final transcript of credits that includes a grading scale or some kind of interpretation of the mark the school provides on its records.

    Morrison Worksheet
    A Morrison worksheet indicating each year of high school work will be completed by Morrison’s Counseling Center prior to the final admission decision and/or grade-level assignment. This sheet will also be used for computing transfer of credit.

    A formal or informal test administered by Morrison Academy may be required for admission and/or the granting of some credits and/or for course placement. This is particularly true for mathematics.

    Grade Placement
    Transfer students from a calendar year program will normally step back one semester. This is true especially for transfer students from Australia and New Zealand.

  • Grading

    Only grades received from an English school’s official transcript and from a nationally accredited institution will be counted into the students Cumulative GPA using Morrison Academy’s 4 point scale and 5 point scale for officially-offered Morrison AP courses: AP Biology, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Chemistry, AP English and AP United States History. Grades given from a non-English school (e.g. Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, etc.) or grades from an English school that we are unable to convert into our system will be printed on the Morrison transcript, but a notation will be included stating these grades were not computed into the student’s GPA. Only grades the student earned at Morrison or other accredited institutions will be a part of that student’s GPA. Names of the transfer schools, with city and country, will be provided on the student’s transcript so records from those schools can be obtained upon request.

  • Limitation

    The school reserves the right to make some graduation requirements unsubstitutable. In some cases, Health or P.E. could be examples of unsubstitutable credit.

  • Provisional Credit

    In some cases, the school may grant provisional credit for a course dependent upon the student’s accomplishment in a follow-up course at Morrison. For example, a student may be granted a credit of English 2 providing he/she earns a C or higher in English 3 during his first semester/year at Morrison. Any condition for provisional credit will be noted on the student’s Transfer of Credit worksheet and filed in the student’s cumulative folder.