Transferring of Credit Procedures (Home Schooling)

Morrison recognizes there are many benefits to home schooling. We realize that, depending on the subject matter and grade level, one-on-one instruction can be a more efficient use of time and, thus, the number of hours required in a traditional classroom may not be demanded to satisfactorily complete a course that is home schooled. It is our goal that we clearly communicate the expectations for accepting high school transfer of credit for home schooled courses. This is done as an encouragement and to provide accountability in meeting the high school standards. With that purpose in mind, the guidelines for transferring credit and grades to Morrison High School are as follows.

  • Gaining Credit

    Maximum Number of Credits

    To be determined by the high school counselor. The granting of more than 8 credits in a school year requires the approval of the high school principal.

    Documentation of work for the Granting of Credit Hours
    Morrison accepts the credits on an official transcript from a nationally accredited institution such as the following Distance Learning Programs: University of Nebraska, Northstar, and University of North Dakota. If the curriculum is not nationally accredited/accepted (e.g. A Beka, A.C.E, Bob Jones, etc.), the following are criteria which are used for high school courses to be granted credit:

    The portfolio should include the following:

    1. Logbook of time spent on the course. Format should include the following. DATE ACTIVITY/ASSIGNMENT TIME SPENT
    2. Folder of all assignments, projects, journals, tests, and other work that apply to the particular course.

    A formal or informal test administered by Morrison may be necessary for some courses and/or where the student’s portfolio is deemed insufficient.

    Some organizations offer record-keeping services for home schooling curriculum. We strongly advise you to take advantage of this service, especially at the high school level. It will prove well worth the time and cost. If done, give us a copy at the time of application.

    A Morrison worksheet will be completed by Morrison’s Counseling Center for each year of high school work prior to admission. This sheet will also be used for computing transfer of credit.

    NOTE: The school reserves the right to not grant credit for undocumented work.

  • Grading

    Only grades received on an official transcript from a nationally accredited institution (such as the University of Nebraska) will be counted into the students’ cumulative GPA. Grades given without an official document from an accredited institution will still be printed on the Morrison transcript, but a notation will be included stating these grades were not computed into the student’s GPA. Only the grades the student earned at Morrison or other accredited institutions will be a part of the student’s GPA.

  • Limitation

    The school reserves the right to make some graduation requirements unsubstitutable. For example, Morrison Academy requires that home schooled students take at least two semesters of P.E. at Morrison. Exceptions to this limitation are possible with proper documentation and principal approval.

  • Provisional Credit

    In some cases, the school may grant provisional credit for a course dependent upon the student’s accomplishment in a course at Morrison. For example, a student may be granted a credit of Spanish 1 (done in home schooling) providing he/she earns a C or higher in Spanish 2 at Morrison. Condition for the provisional credit will be so noted on the student’s Transfer of Credit worksheet and filed in the student’s cum folder.