Replacement Classes

Policy for handling of requests for replacement Classes:

1. If the specific subject course is being offered in the regular high school schedule, an independent study or correspondence course normally may not be substituted during the same semester.

Clarification: This applies to both required and elective courses. We believe it is better for the student to be in a classroom with a teacher rather than avoiding a particular teacher or class.

2. An appeal for substitution may be made in writing based on specific student needs/situation. This must include the request, the rationale for the request and the signature of at least one parent and the student. This appeal is given to the chief high school counselor who is responsible to evaluate the request and then recommend acceptance or rejection to the principal/associate principal responsible for high school curriculum oversight. That principal has the responsibility of deciding on the request and replying in writing to the parent/student with a copy placed in the student’s permanent record folder.

This allows for meeting a particular student’s needs if the request makes sense and is deemed to be in their best interests. It is also a more objective evaluation in that it requires consultation between two school personnel. This also documents the request and the response as an exception and is available for future information.

3. If approved, the substitution is considered to be one of the approved courses that make up the 3.0 credits/sem. student load requirement.

Current student load requirements require any full-time student to carry 6 of 8 periods in approved courses.