Correspondence/Online Courses Procedures

If a course is to be entered on the Morrison transcript for credit, consent must be given by the principal or counselor prior to beginning the class. This should be by signature on the Summer School/Correspondence Course Approval form available in the Counseling Center. Credit is only given upon proof of successful completion.

The counselor and/or principal will determine if the course will be Pass/Fail or graded (i.e. for GPA).

Courses are normally ordered and paid for directly by the student and family with prior school approval. Assistance in ordering the course will be given by the High School Counselor.

All costs of the course are the responsibility of the student’s family. The only exception to this rule is when the course is required and cannot be taken due to a scheduling conflict. If the student followed the normal timing for scheduling courses (for example, not waiting until his senior year to schedule health) but still has a conflict, an agreement may be made to refund the tuition if the course is completed within the semester or according to a schedule agreed to prior to starting the course. The entire cost of correspondence courses will normally receive no refund upon completion.

If more than limited, occasional tutoring for the course is required, and such tutoring is desired from Morrison personnel, an additional fee may be required.

Upon receipt of the course materials, a schedule for completion dates for each of the units of study and final exams shall be decided upon between the supervisor, student, and parent. For a course taken during the school year as a part of the student’s course load for which the student expects to receive credits, failure to meet the schedule will be counted as an incomplete, and eligibility for extracurricular activities will be withheld as for any other class.

In order to prevent overload of our students, no student will be awarded more than four units of credit per semester including both correspondence courses and Morrison classes. Any exception to this will need written permission from the principal.

Courses may be taken during the summer and, upon receipt of the final grade, be included on the Morrison transcript. Summer courses will appear at the bottom of the transcript and will not affect semester GPA. It will affect cumulative GPA if it was approved for grading prior to the start of the course.