College Application Process

Morrison Academy College Application Process 馬禮遜學校之大學申請流程

Junior Year

Beginning in February – one-on-one meetings with parents and counselor

March/April – CC goes to English class to explain the process to juniors

April/May – CC hosts an info session for parents

Summer – Research/visit colleges and universities


自二月份開始– 學生與家長和輔導老師一對一面談

三月/四月– 輔導中心利用英文課時間向十一年級學生解釋申請流程

四月/五月– 輔導中心針對家長舉辦大學申請說明會

暑期– 研究/拜訪各大學

Senior Year

August – CC goes to class meeting to explain process again

August/September – one-on-one meeting with counselor

August-Feb – apply

December-April – college acceptances


八月– 輔導中心利用班會時間再次向學生解釋申請流程

八月/九月– 學生與輔導老師一對一面談

八月-二月– 進行大學申請

十二月-四月– 大學放榜

General Process

  1. Fill out a green sheet
  2. Common Application/Admissions websites
  3. Family Connection
  4. Send SAT/ACT scores (
  5. Monitor status through Family Connection


  1. 填寫一份綠色表格
  2. 通用申請表/招生網站
  3. Family Connection網上系統
  4. 通過聯網發送SAT / ACT分數(
  5. 透過Family Connection網上系統追蹤申請狀態

College Search Websites 尋找大學的網站