Counseling Center Services

Here are some of the services the Counseling Center provides.

  • Guidance Classes

    Each class meets with the CC staff to receive personal guidance on the following age-appropriate topics:

    Freshmen: How to Succeed in High School
    Sophomores: Self-Assessment Relating to Career Exploration
    Juniors: College Admissions
    Seniors: A Semester-long Transition Course

  • Four-Year Plan

    It is a CC goal to have each student establish and annually revise a four-year plan with respect to high school course selection, college search, and career choice.

  • Standardized Testing

    The CC administers, or helps students make arrangements for, the taking of the following standardized tests:

    MAP (Measures of Academic Progress): taken in freshman year.
    PSAT: register in the CC as juniors.
    SAT I and II: register at, usually taken by juniors and seniors.
    ACT: register at, usually taken by juniors and seniors.
    AP: register in the CC, usually as juniors and seniors.

  • Post-Secondary Preparation

    The CC helps students to search for and apply to post-secondary locations. After graduating from Morrison, most students choose to apply to a university or a college, but some choose to work. Students are given the opportunity to meet with college representatives who visit our campus. Special evenings are planned to inform parents of the college admissions process.

  • Peer Tutoring

    Some students who are proficient in certain areas are recommended to tutor those students who are having difficulty. The CC arranges for and monitors these peer tutors, who tutor free of charge and can earn academic credit once they accumulate a certain number of hours.

  • Student Records

    The CC is responsible for generating and maintaining accurate student records. These include progress reports (distributed anytime during a quarter), quarter reports (distributed after each quarter), semester final reports (distributed after each semester), and transcripts (a cumulative summary of high school courses completed to date). Cumulative folders are kept for each student that records reports and personal information.

  • Daily Schedule

    Morrison’s calendar operates on 180 days per school year. School days on Monday through Thursday are 8:45 am to 3:30 pm. Students attend odd periods on Monday and Wednesday and even periods on Tuesday and Thursday for 80-minutes each. On Friday, students go to all periods which are 45 minutes each with the school day ending at 3:15 pm. Music classes are held at 7:50 am before school starts. Lunch periods are 35-40 minutes.

  • Course Selection Process

    Students select and register for next year’s courses in March. Although a counselor will interview each student in April/May to make sure they are taking the proper courses for graduation and college admission, it is still the student’s responsibility to monitor their own academic four-year plan as they move through high school. Graduation requirements and a suggested schedule are listed on the school web site (see links below). Once a semester begins, students will have two weeks to add a new course and four weeks to drop a course. Students should regularly check to see that the admission requirements of the college they intend to apply to are being taken in high school. Parents need to sign their child’s schedule indicating that they agree.

    Click to view Course Descriptions, Graduation Requirements, Suggested Schedule, and Course Listings.

  • Textbooks

    Students, after having their schedules officially approved, will go to the school library to check out their textbooks for that semester.

  • First Day of School

    On the first day of school, students will have meetings in the morning and classes in the afternoon. Students will have an opening assembly and will be given a schedule for the day. Students will take any placement tests or auditions, have their course schedules checked and approved, and then check out their textbooks. New students will attend a breakfast hosted by the CC. Athletic teams may begin practices.

  • 輔導課程


  • 四年計畫


  • 標準考試

    MAP (Measures of Academic Progress):九年級
    SAT I和II:在CC註冊,通常在十一和十二年級

  • 高中畢業後的準備


  • 同儕輔導


  • 學生資料記錄


  • 上課時間表

    馬禮遜學校每學年共上課180天,每週一至週四上課時間為早上8:45至下午3:30。週一與週三 (奇數課程) 和週四與週五 (偶數課程) 每節上課時間各為80分鐘。週五每節課45分鐘,下午3:15放學。音樂課則從早上7:50開始上課。每天的午餐時間為 35-40分鐘。

  • 選課

    學生在三月選修、註冊明年要上的課。雖然輔導人員在四五月會跟每個學生面談,但是學生 還是有責任安排高中四年要上的課。畢業所需要的學分和課表都在學校網站上。學期開始四週內,學生可退選課程或兩週內可加選課程。學生應經常察核他們想上的 大學有什麼要求。家長應在選課單上簽名,以表同意。如要查詢課程表畢業條件,請查看 Course Book.

  • 課本


  • 開學第一天