HS Principal’s Welcome

Dear Morrison Parents, 

I would like to welcome you to the 2020-21 school year. It has been a joy to see students back on campus and interacting with each other and teachers as the excitement of a new year begins. I think we could all agree, in light of the global pandemic, we are all very fortunate to be in a safe country and a safe school. We know life right now is full of uncertainty and in times like these, we can find comfort in Jesus and feel assured that He is still in control. Our staff have been praying for your child(ren) and looking forward to getting to know them better in the weeks ahead.

We will once again be using School Stream to communicate daily bulletins, High School Highlights, sports announcements, class meeting announcements, and much more to our Morrison HS community. You can download the app on iOS or Android platforms. To further protect the privacy of our students, we have switched to a private platform which means you must be registered to use the app. All parents, students and staff are pre-approved but must still enter your email address on file in PowerSchool.

It is once again a pleasure to work at a school that puts God first in all we do, from our school board, administration, teachers, and staff. We are also excited to announce that our theme this year is “Cultivate,” which is the next step from last year’s theme “Rooted.” Our focus is to continue to speak the truth in love and help our students to grow more and more like Jesus Christ (Ephesians 4:15). 

We greatly appreciate your trust and support and we look forward to working with you and your child this coming school year. 


Doug Bradburn
High School Principal


歡迎大家一起開始2020-21新學年。很開心看到孩子們回到學校,並與同學和老師之間在新學年開始時有很好的互動。在全球疫情嚴重的情況下,我們可以生活在一個安全的國家和一所安全的學校裡,是非常受祝福的。 我們知道現在的生活充滿不確定性,而在這樣的時間點,我們可以在耶穌中找到安慰,並確信耶穌仍掌權。 我們的教職員們一直在為您的孩子祈禱,並希望在接下來的幾週內更了解孩子們。

我們維持使用School Stream 作為每日的校園訊息公告,High School Highlights 週報,體育相關訊息,班會公告,以及各項高中相關事務的溝通管道。您可透過 iso 或 android 系統下載這個 平台的應用程式。為了進一步保護學生們的隱私,我們已切換到私有平台,這意味著您必須註冊才能使用該應用程式。 所有父母,學生和教職員工都已經設有登入權限,但仍必須在PowerSchool中輸入您的電子郵件地址。

在學校工作,學校董事會,行政部門,教師和教職員工中,把上帝放在我們所有工作的首位,是一種喜樂。我們也很高興地宣布,今年的主題是“培養”,這是去年主題“紮根”的下一步。 我們的重點是繼續傳達愛的真理,並幫助我們的學生越來越像耶穌基督一樣。(以弗所書4:15)。


白道凱 敬上