HS Principal’s Welcome

Dear Morrison High School Parents,

I am excited about this year and that you and your family are a part of our community. We’re blessed to have an awesome staff and beautiful facilities that helps us provide an outstanding environment for learning and growing. Our staff are dedicated to helping each child become the best person they can be both academically and social-emotionally.

Each year our school uses innovation in a variety of ways to help students learn. Anywhere from experiential learning through our Engage Program to leveraging technology in the classroom using a variety of programs including G-Suite for Education. As we seek to provide the best whole-person education, we have expanded our advisory program to be weekly for all students this year. Each group is led by a godly advisor and we use a student first philosophy meaning we plan each advisory lesson by grade level and relevance to students.

In addition to innovation and advisory, this year our high school is transitioning into a more complete standards based learning environment which will include different ways of collecting learning data and different ways of reporting that data. Our goal is to provide parents, students, and teachers with more information about the learning process and to communicate student learning consistently so that an A or B in English (for example) means the same thing as an A or B in Math.

It is a pleasure to work at a school that puts God first in all we do, from our school board, administration, teachers, and staff. Our theme this year is “All In” which is what we’re doing and we would like to invite our whole community to join us in making Jesus Christ first in our lives.

God bless you and thank you for trust in the lives of your children!


Bradburn_DougGod Bless,

Doug Bradburn
High School Principal




除了創新和小組輔導課程,今年高中部也正在轉換到一個更完善的評分標準的學習環境,我們會用不同的方式來紀錄學生的學習狀況,也用不同的方式來發布學習成績。我們的目標是提供家長,學生和老師之間更多關於學習過程的訊息,並用一致性的標準來傳達學生的學習成績,例如,英文成績的A或B,和數學成績的 A或B是一樣的評分標準。

能在一個從董事會,行政部門,教師,職員都將上帝擺在第一位的學校工作,真的很高興。我們今年的主題是“All In”,這就是我們正在做的事情,我們想邀請整個社區加入我們,讓耶穌基督成為我們生活的最優先。


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