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hcch-markThe 2016 Christmas project is Heng Chun Christian Hospital. In the wake of Super Typhoon Meranti, our HEARTS are moved to SERVE our ‘neighbors’ in Heng Chun, Taiwan. The hospital’s medical services are vital in southern Taiwan, and they need our support to fully recover and rebuild. In order to raise our goal of 700,000 N.T. we want EVERYONE to get involved.

Super Typhoon Meranti slammed into Taiwan on September 14, 2016 and brought 113 miles per hour  winds and heavy rains to the Heng-Chun Township. Heng-Chun Christian Hospital (HCCH) was extensively damaged by the high winds and flooding caused by this super typhoon.  The high winds destroyed parts of their roof, water towers and air conditioner systems which resulted in heavy loss and damage to equipment and facilities within the hospital.  The hospital estimates that damages will amount to at least NT $7 million for reconstruction.  The hospital’s urgent needs include the replacement of the central air system and rehabilitation equipment.

heng-chun-photo1After the typhoon, the dedicated hospital staff began the arduous task of cleaning up the hospital while continuing to treat patients in makeshift areas that weren’t damaged by the typhoon.

In response to this catastrophe, the hospital is urging the public to help by praying for the work and donating funds for reconstruction.

In the wake of Typhoon Meranti, our HEARTS are moved to SERVE our ‘neighbors’ in Heng Chun.

Our Goal:

  • 100% Participation
  • We would like to raise 700,000 N.T. for the rebuilding of this much needed medical facility in HengChun, Taiwan.


From 1956 to Now…

In 1956, Medical Missionaries from Europe and Finland crossed the ocean by ship, landed the tiny town of Hengchun, set up a medical clinic in a Japanese-style tatami house and began treating the sick.  Because of an increasing demand for medical services, in June of 1967, the “Hengchun Christian Clinic” was opened.   In 1979,  a number of newly graduated physicians joined the ranks which allowed the Finnish missionaries to pass the baton, and the “Chinese Medical Mission” took over the operation of the hospital.

Today, the HCCH provides health care for countless individuals.  The Hospital specializes in services for the elderly, rehabilitation, and continues to provide a free monthly medical clinic to those in the nearby villages.

Mission: To fulfill Jesus’ command “love your neighbor as yourself ”
And provide Taiwan residents complete holistic healing to body and soul

Vision: Medical, caring, sustainable Community Christian Hospital

For more information, please refer to the Hengchun Christian Hospital website.


強颱莫蘭蒂以每小時113哩的風速並挾帶極大的雨量,在2016年9月14日登陸恆春。這次的強風豪雨重創恆春基督教醫院,強風損毀了醫院的屋頂,水塔,空調系統等。醫院的重要設施損失慘重。預估須要花費新台幣七百萬來做重建。院方目前的迫切的需求是裝 新的中央空調系統和復健設施。





  • 全員參與
  • 我們期盼能募得新台幣七十萬元,作為恆春基督教醫院復健中心醫療設備的奉獻。


1956年,歐洲,芬蘭宣教士遠渡重洋,在南台灣的小鎮恆春上岸,設立日式榻榻米醫療處所,開始行醫。因著醫療需求日增,恆春基督教診所於1967年6月成立了。就在1979年,有幾位剛從學校畢業的醫生加入服事行列,因此芬蘭的宣教士們得以將交棒給新生代,由 ”中華醫療事工“ 接手醫院的管理。




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