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Kindergarten Newsletter Week 31

Family Trees due Monday

Developmental Reading Assessment: (Monday morning & Friday morning)

Mrs. Smith will test each kindergarten student individually using the DRA test.  This assessment is a measure of your child’s reading level.  Morrison Academy tracks this information for each student in grades K-5.  Morrison teachers use this information to adjust our ongoing instruction to your child’s needs.

Thanks to Mrs. Cheryl Dunn who will teach the other kindergarteners inside our classroom both mornings.  Thank-you to Jean Tseng (Monday) and Ada Lin (Friday) who will escort your child to and from the library for uninterrupted testing.

I am planning to explain the test results to each of you (and your children) using the Seesaw app.  You can  reply on Seesaw with any additional questions.  Or you can schedule an appointment with me at your convenience.

Upcoming Dates:

April 27  : No Kindergarten Class (Mrs. Smith will be testing next year’s kindergarten applicants)

May 3 Spring Concert

Please make sure your child knows his/her speaking parts and song lyrics for the concert!  It’s going to be a Buzzing Success, I’m sure.

May 4 : No Kindergarten Class (Mrs. Smith will be testing next year’s kindergarten applicants)

May 8 : Field Trip 8:10 — 3:45 — please return the field trip permission slip by Friday, April 20

May 31: Kindergarten Presentations 8:00 — 9:15 am— all parents encouraged to attend (this event will include book performances by your children, recognition of kindergarten contributions by each student, and a gift from the school to your child)


This week in Kindergarten:


God changes people from the inside out.

Zacchaeus was a man who changed his way of life after he met Jesus.


Mrs. Smith, Ms. Camp, 張老師 and 阮老師 will help connect Chinese and English mathematical language for managing the “teen” numbers. 

Word Studies:

Aa — Zz and number formations have all been covered

Endings = ff, ss, ll, zz, gg

Phonograms = tch, ow

*please point these spellings out as you read at home!  Your child might also be noticing, too?


Reading & Writing:

Writing stories using digital tools

Reading for author’s point (in non-fiction)


Social Studies:

Know these land/water features. Taiwan has most of them.











Book Orders:  We hit a small snag.  We’re working as fast as possible to get your orders to Taiwan.