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Kindergarten Newsletter Week 9


Each evening, your child should be practicing one of the books for the read-a-thon.  

  1. Looking through the pictures, (s)he should tell the story in conversational language; this is called a Book Walk (through the pictures).  
  2. Pointing with a finger, (s)he should try to read each word on each page.  You can help with unknown words, by stretching the sounds out and using picture clues.  
  3. Finally, when your child can read it many times with good expression, (s)he will read it to the person who sponsored that book.  Have the sponsor ask a question or two about the meaning of the story, and then sign the chart.  15 NT is paid (maybe you want to add an envelope or a small zip bag.)

I will collect the books and charts near the end of October.

On October 25 we’ll read to our buddies at school.  So on that day I’ll remind you to send in the sponsored buddy books.

Phonogram formation:

Thanks to each parent who helped their child at home to work on any handwriting concerns I noted before break.  Your independent instruction makes a huge difference!  


Moses was born for a purpose, but he was afraid to do the things God told him to do.  We’ll learn about how to face some fears of our own.


On Monday and Tuesday, we will finish the counting benchmarks this quarter with a display mat about numbers that we share with fourth graders.  Next we begin 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes and solids.  The vocabulary will be tough for some of the students I the next Math unit. 


We are learning to be Super Readers!  


Our written stories from our lives are taking shape as “First…Then…Last…” — this is an important sequencing structure for your child to notice in books, too.

Word Study:

This week we add Pp and Uu to our known phonograms!  Thanks for the Tastes of the Alphabet.


Animals need air, water, food, space, and shelter.  We’re working on observing patterns in the living world, especially how each animal lives where it gets its needs met.


Remember:  At the end of October, your child will need a costume to dress as a book character (and the book to go with it.). I recommend getting in to the library soon, planning a costume, and checking out the book you want!  K-2 students will all be included.