K Newsletters

Kindergarten Newsletter Week 2

If our second week of school is as good as the first week, we are set for a wonderful year.  This week

  • we welcome Ellie
  • we begin all of our “specials” such as Chinese, Art, and P.E. and stay all day
  • we celebrate the birthdays of Jayden, Ben, and Nathan

Child Protection:

It seems early in the year, but please strongly consider taking the short session about Child Protection and becoming approved for volunteering with our students.  Throughout the year, there will be times when you can help, but you MUST have passed the Child Protection training.  Ask Rachel or Alicia in the office.

Facebook page:

Our Facebook page is running, thanks to Ben’s mom.  It is a closed group, so you must get permission to join.  Page name is Morrison Class of 2030- Taichung.  I will only use this Facebook page for posting photos of your child (I will not use my personal page.). Also, please know I do NOT use Messenger for communications.  If you send me a PM on Facebook, I will not notice it.  Use email to reach me.


Mon, Tues, Fri = 3:15 pm

Wed, Thurs = 2:50 pm

Thanks for your patience!!  I am learning your faces and names, but it takes some time.  Forgive me when I call you the wrong name or make the wrong association.

Please be prompt.  I will release your child only to you, the parents, unless I have prior notice that a specific adult or older student will pick your child up. 

When you do not show up for dismissal, I take the remaining students to the safety desk out front.  When the safety officer leaves, the K’s are waiting inside the school office.


Kindergarteners are permitted to go to the library after school attended by a specific adult during the first semester.

Wed/Thurs meetings:

Teachers have meetings immediately after school on these two days.  Please do not plan to chat with me then; rather, make an appointment by email, or see me after I have dismissed the students to each of their parents.  It’s a hectic time for me to manage 20 releases.  Thanks for making eye contact and saying “goodbye” once you have your child.


Bible:  Creation of the universe

Math:  describing differences & sorting. “They are both the same ___, but one has ____ and one has ____.”

Social Studies:  me, my classmates, and good choices at school

Reading:  reading my world (text all around me)

Writing:  I’m a writer, too!

Word Study: strokes and where to start letters


I generally send home the previous week’s work on Mondays.  If I write “Redo” or add a Post-It note, then please have your child work on that page again (with help is fine).  Send it back to me on Tuesday in the homework pocket folder.  Otherwise, the previous week’s work is for you to keep at your discretion.  Sometimes I give email explanations about homework sent home through the week.  Otherwise it is self-explanatory.  Please email me with any misunderstandings, especially if your child is frustrated.

Laurie Smith

Kindergarten Teacher