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Kindergarten Newsletter Week 24

Welcome back to our 3rd quarter finish! 


Retelling the Jonah story (Parents, please note that this completes the sequencing benchmarks in Mastery Connect.  Your child will have opportunity to retell previous stories from the Old Testament as needed.)

Learning about John the Baptist and Jesus.  Learning about God as 3-in-1 – -this is called the “Trinity” in English.  We will attempt to understand this first in the same way Kindergarteners can understand that their teacher (for example) is all of these at once:  Mrs. Smith, Mom, and Laurie.  For families who worship God, please take time to talk about this concept together so your child is gaining some confidence about it, especially as we are talking more and more about God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  For those who do not worship God, please see me with any questions!

key English vocabulary to practice = prophet, prophecy (different from a prediction), and to fulfill


Represent addition word problems in a large variety of ways (We will assess your child.)

Learn how to represent subtraction problems in similar patterns.

When you see a “sprint” come home, it is a fast-paced quick drill paper that allows us to see how automatically and correctly your child is linking pairs of numbers to ten.  Sometimes they will be incomplete, if time ran out for the activity.  No need to send them back completed unless I write “Redo” at the top.


Weather patterns

Warmth from the sun

If the weather cooperates this week and next, your child will join another child in designing a structure to block sunlight from warming rocks.  Then we’ll show you the structure and ask for your scientific tips for making it better.  Watch Facebook and email for input.


Wild About Books!  On Thursday we’ll complete our fun study of book genres.  We’ll celebrate with some wild animal fun.  No snack needed Thursday afternoon.

Each Kindergartener is writing about something (s)he did over the Chinese New Year break.  These will probably be a lot of fun to read.  If you have a photo, send it to me digitally and I can print it (if it matches the event your child chooses to write about).  If you have no photo — not problem! 

Letter combinations we are studying:




-er (this is tricky in English because there are other spellings)

wh-  (this is tricky in English because few people pronounce the /h/ sound, so it is confusable with  /w/)