K Newsletters

Kindergarten Newsletter Final Week

Dear Parents,

I was genuinely startled to find that you had prepared the beautiful memory gift book for me without my even hearing about it!  Thank you so much for spending your valuable time and creative energies helping your child to contribute to it.  I will treasure it so much as I depart from classroom teaching for the next years.  I have pored over the album several times since Friday, and will keep reflecting on the gift that your children have been to me.  Thank you for the balloons, for the surprise of your presence early on a Friday afternoon, and for your many generous contributions to our class projects through the year.  We have made a good start of it together, and I am truly honored to pass your children along to Mrs. Ellis’ good care next year and onward toward 2030.  I welcome you to stay in touch, and I hope to see many of you next spring when I plan to visit Taiwan next.

With deep appreciation and love,

Mrs. Smith


Monday: Library items should all be returned. Please settle your accounts with the library.

Upper elementary school Talent Show (afternoon)

Tuesday: Kindergarten celebrates Dragon Boat Festival (9:10 am @ Chinese classes)

Wednesday: Please send a paint shirt or have your child wear old clothing!  We will be painting and decorating like Mo Willems, thanks to a generous gift from Angel’s mom (student bags).

Thursday: All parents encouraged to be at the Kindergarten Celebration!  We begin promptly at 8:00.  We will end very near 9:15 (students go to Chinese and ELL classes). Refreshments will be served – -thanks to all who are contributing to the event!


Friday: End of Year K-8 Chapel and final assembly as a school (10:00 am)

No swimming class. No Mandarin/ELL.

*Dismissal will be approximately 10:30 am. Report cards will be given to parents at dismissal.

Please plan to help your child carry many items home on both Thursday and Friday!  Globes, folders, extra clothes, etc. will all be given out.  Check the classroom thoroughly for any forgotten items.

Library is open weekly throughout the summertime!  If you are on island, please plan to come over on Wednesdays and check out books, meet with friends, etc.

Bible: Apostle Paul’s shipwreck

Math: 3D solids

Science:  marble shoots

Writing:  summer bucket lists, word studies

Reading:  dramatization