G5 Newsletters

Lines from Mrs. Lima 5-19-2017

Year’s End

This Friday (a short day) is the last day of school (and school will be dismissed at 10:30 a.m.). Wow, this year has flown by! I have enjoyed getting to know the fifth graders, and I hope this has been a good year for all of you! I want to thank all of the parents who have helped out in the classroom, organized events, chaperoned on field trips, brought in supplies for parties and projects, and spent long hours with your children at home helping them with their studies. You have helped make this year a successful one for them and for the class as a whole. Thank you, and may God bless you! Have a wonderful summer!

Social Studies Presentations – Now Available to View!

Using Google Slides, the students have created ebooks about different topics in U.S. history. These are now available for you to enjoy! You can view them at http://bit.ly/2pViBze.

End-of-Year Party

On Friday morning, we will have our end-of-year party. If you would like to bring in treats, please send them to school with your child on Friday. Since this will be early in the morning, let’s try to bring mainly “brunch” items such as muffins or fruit, instead of lots of sugary sweets. There is a sign-up sheet on the classroom door. Parents, you are welcome to come and help out; please sign up on the sheet if you would like to. Thanks!

Right in the Middle of a Raging Storm

Don’t forget, you can order copies of the ebook for yourself or your friends any time! You can also order the paperback from Amazon. It will be there indefinitely!

Preparing for Middle School

One of the best ways for students to prepare for sixth grade is to read, read, read! I strongly recommend that students read at least one book a week. This will help keep their English skills up and reinforce correct grammar and sentence structure, which will be very important as they start middle school. It would also be a good idea to practice typing regularly, as most assignments in sixth grade will need to be typed.

Happy Birthday…

…to the following people who have summer birthdays:

Kathleen (May 29)

Stephanie (June 1)

Vincent (June 3)

Adam (June 5)

Jackson (June 6)

Jabez (June 17)

Lana (July 26)

Here’s What We’ll be Learning This Week:

Bible – Since we have finished our Bible workbook, our Bible lessons this week will continue to come from a short book about heaven by Randy Alcorn.

Language Arts – We will read several stories that go with topics we’ve been learning about this year.

Math – We’ll do some review and play Geometry Jeopardy!

Science – We’ll take notes on a couple of educational movies that review what we’ve been learning about space and our solar system.

Annie Lima

Grade 5 Teacher