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August 21st, 2014

This week the 4th grade will spend more time in content, although we will still spend some time reviewing rules, procedures, and routine.

Here is what we will be learning this week:

Bible God’s Word is True
•          Trusting man versus Trusting God
•          Trusting in the Bible
•          God’s Word gives wisdom and reflects truth
•          God’s Word inspired by the Holy SpiritBible verse memory: 2 Timothy 2:15 (NIV)
15 Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.

Memory Verse Quiz 8/19

Benchmark: 1.f, 3.a

Reading Launching Reading Workshop:
We will be learning to make good choices as readers and reviewing our routines:
•          Review Rules of Reading Workshop & Learn about Classroom Book Bins
•          Book Choices – Just-Right Books for Readers
•          Independent Reading Time (IRT) & Reading Spots,
•          Reading Stamina
•          Fluency PracticeBenchmark: 2.a (vocabulary), 2.c (reading comprehension), 3.c(reading for learning and enjoyment), 5.e fluency
Writing Launching Writing Workshop:
We will be reviewing routines for our writing workshop and creating seed stories:
•          Review Rules of Workshop
•          Grammar: Good Sentences and Parts of Speech Review
•          Qualities of Good Writing: 6 Traits Overview
•          Writing Stamina
•          Word Work: All class Spelling ListBenchmark: 4.b (write to explain), 5.f (6 Traits), 5.g,h (spelling), 8.a (handwriting)
Math Module 1: Place Value
We will begin our unit on Place Value:
•          Ordering Numbers
•          Using Place Value to Round
•          Problem Solving with Place Value
•          Reteach and Practice Problems
Quiz: Place Value – Wed. 8/19Benchmarks: 4.NBT. 2 (Place Value)
Science Life Science
Students will investigate the external and internal structures of plants.
•          External Structures of Plants
•          Internal structures of Plants
•          Flower DiagramBenchmarks: NGSS Life Science PS4-2 (Develop a Model), LS1-1 (Ext./Internal Structures)



In addition to other homework, students should be reading nightly for at least 20 minutes.  Ideally this can be used as a part of your child’s bedtime routine. 

•          Bible: Memory Verse work
•          Math: Place Value WS
•          Spelling: No Sort This Week
•          Bible: Memory Verse work
•          Math: Place Value WS
•          Spelling: No Sort This Week
•          Bible: Memory verse work
•          Math: Place Value WS
•          Spelling: No Sort This Week
•          Bible: Memory Verse work
•          Practice Quiz Tomorrow
•          Math: Place Value WS
•          Spelling: (No Sort This Week)
FRIDAY: None Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs. Chang’s Availability:

Reasons for Contacting
Mrs. Chang
Ways to Contact
Mrs. Chang
Monday-Friday Saturday/Sunday
Homework or Classroom Questions Parents: Email

Students: Gmail, Google Hangouts

7:15-7:45 AM

3:15-8:00 PM

No Homework on Weekends
Family Emergencies Any method, Front Office Anytime Anytime
(Specific to your child)
Parents: Email, in-person (schedule ahead)

Students can meet with me to share their concerns during their recess

7:15-7:45 AM
All week4:15-5:00 PM

3:20-5:00 PM

I will address issues sent over the weekend that is not an emergency on Monday.


Things to Know:

Dismissal Times:  Students are dismissed from school at the following times:
         3:15 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, and Friday
         2:50 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday

Library (After School):  Your child may be in the library unsupervised only until 4, after that point they need to be with a parent or they will sent down to the atrium to wait to be picked up.

Supplies Due At the End of the Week (8/25):
•          2 boxes of facial tissue (Kleenex) for class supply
•          A sweater or light jacket to leave in the cubby (Optional)

Water Bottles: Please make sure your child has a water bottle they can refill at school. This is especially important during these afternoons of hot weather.

Snacks: Students may bring snacks to eat during recess. Providing a healthy snack for your child is a great way to help them refuel and focus on learning.

Supplies: Students may bring a ball, skipping rope, or other approved sports equipment for recess.  *Please do not bring books from home, fidget spinners, toys of any kind.

Chapel:  There is no chapel this week.

Private Music Lessons:  Start this Monday (8/21). 

P.E. Dress code:
•          Non-Swimming days: sportswear (or clothing appropriate for physical activity – can be worn all day), closed shoes, white soled
•          Swim days: modest (one piece for girls) swimming suit, cap, goggles
•          No parent volunteers (unless specifically requested)
•          Students will change themselves
•          No hair dryers (students may bring a hair towel to wear)

Cafeteria Assistants:  Ms. Neff, our cafeteria manager, has asked us to mention that she would love to have parent helpers in the cafeteria at lunch time (between 11:00 and 12:00). If you would like to consider being one of them, please email her at neffk@mca.org.tw for more information.

Homework Folder:  Each student will be given a Homework folder with their name and number on it. There are two sections to this folder: “Return to School” and “Keep at Home”. Besides homework, I will use this folder to send home sign-up sheets, permission forms, notes, announcements, and flyers. PLEASE CHECK THIS FOLDER DAILY.

ClassDojo:  ClassDojo will be an aspect of my classroom management system this year. Sign-up letters with links will be coming home with your child. Please make an account for both you and your child and start exploring! If you or your child has an existing account, you simply have to enter my class code (P8PAUC226) to be added to this class on ClassDojo.   More information will be explained on Meet the Teacher Night.

Chromebooks:  Each 3rd-5th grade student will have monitored access to a Chromebook starting this year.

  1. Will my child be on a Chromebook all day?
    No. Your students will use the class Chromebooks under supervision and for specific class activities to enhance learning.
  2. Will my child have free access to anything they choose when using their Chromebook?
    No. I will be able to control what they are and are not able to access. I will restrict their browsers to the specific web browser tabs and apps relevant to the activity.
  3. Will my child be at greater risk of cyberbullying?
    While this is a relevant topic to be addressed with all students in this day and age – and will be a topic in both Guidance class and our Digital Citizenship T.H.I.N.K. Boot Camp – there should not be greater risk than there was previously with your child’s access to at-home devices, library computers, and the computer lab.

Facebook: If you have not already, please join our “Morrison 4th grade Class of 2026” group page on Facebook to see pictures of daily life. 

Birthdays:  Your child is welcome to bring in treats on his or her birthday.  Please be aware, however, that the treats will be handed out to students at the end of the day.

Volunteers: If you wish to volunteer at any point this school year, whether it be as a classroom assistant, swimming monitor, lunchroom assistant, or chaperoning field trips, you will need to begin the process in the school office with Mrs. Sawatzky. Office hours are 7:30am to 4:00pm.


Mrs. Hanna Chang