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May 15, 2017

4th Grade Overview

4th Grade ClassDojo

Week of May 15, 2017

Students continue to have busy weeks ahead as we push toward the end of the year. 4th grade continues work on current units and projects this week. Students are completing most of their Math work on Zearn, so they may or may not need to log in and practice at night. If your child asks, they probably do need to log in and work on Zearn Math.

Here’s what we are learning this week.

Subject Classroom Learning

Benchmark: 1.f (memorize the core Scripture verses), 4.a (God places people in authority) b (forgiveness) c (honesty vs. rationalizing) behavior)


  • Ambassadors for Christ
  • How to Share

Bible memory verse: No Verse this Week


Benchmark: 2.a (vocabulary), 3.b (elements of Literature), 5.e fluency

Unit 6: Poetry

This unit will emphasize the study and structure of poetry. Students will identify literary devices and consider how they create tone and meaning. Students will study figurative language through the reading and use of poetry.

  • Readers notice alliteration, rhythm, assonance, consonance, onomatopoeia
  • Personification
  • Idioms

Benchmark: 4.e(Big 6 Research), 5.e (sentence fluency), 5.f (conventions) 7.d,e,f (Research Process)

Writing Workshop: Informational Articles/Research

We will be developing and revising forms of expository writing including emails, friendly letters, formal letters, personal essays, and reports. Expository Writing

  • iTime Research – Launch Inquiry Project
  • Informational Article
  • Weekly Grammar Practice

Daily Spelling/Word Work – Spelling Sort Quiz – Wed (5/10)


Benchmarks: 4.NF.1 (Equivalent Fractions), 4.NF.3b (Decomposing Fractions)

Module 5/6: Equivalent Fractions and Decimals

  • Equivalent Fractions
  • Visual Models of Equivalent Fractions
  • Decomposing Equivalent Fractions w/ Area Models
  • Fractions to Decimal
Social Studies

Benchmarks: 1.a (Regional History), 2.b (Regional Geography), 4.b (Regional Economy), 5.a (Culture)

Region Study: Region Projects

We learn about the unique history, geography, economy, and culture of America’s Northeast region.

  • Team Region Research



In addition to other homework, students should be reading nightly for at least 20 minutes.  Ideally, this can be used as a part of your child’s bedtime routine.  


  • LA:
  • Math: Online Practice
  • Social Studies: Project Work
  • Spelling: Closed Sort

  • LA:
  • Math: Online Practice
  • Social Studies: Project Work
  • Spelling: Connections

    • LA:
    • Math: Online Practice
  • Social Studies: Project Work
  • Spelling: Story Sort

    • LA:
    • Math: Online Practice
    • Social Studies: Project Work
  • Spelling: SpellingCity

No Homework – Have a great Weekend!





Date to Remember:

May 18                           3-5 Chapel – 8:10am – Commons Basement

May 19                           End of year Variety Show – 7:00pm

May 23                          Class Party

May 26                          K-8 Assembly – 10:30am

May 26                          School ends


Helpful Online Resources for 4th Grade

PowerSchool Xtra Math Splash Math Typing.com Spelling City
Taichung  Library (must use MA login) ixl

Free Language Arts and Math Practice

McGraw Hill Math Textbook Kidblog Quizlet Grade 4
Class Dojo LearnZillion Bible Gateway Prezi Tinkercad
Google Classroom Khan Academy GloBible

(free Bible app)


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Scott Finch

Grade 4 Teacher