G3 Newsletters

May 22, 2017

Greetings, Parents!
Please see the reminders below, and the attached documents.
Miss Skaggs

Reading Program Celebration: Monday, May 22
  • If you have not yet, please send in the NT for pizza for your child tomorrow! It is 60NT per child to cover pizza. (form attached)
  • I could still use donations of candy, and fruit & veggies
  • I could still use parent volunteers, sign up for what you can! 🙂
  • If your child has other commitments right after school, or cannot stay the whole time NO PROBLEM! They are welcome to come for what they can.
Themed Days This week is themed days!
  • See handout attached!
  • Monday: Beach Day! Come in your favorite beach attire. (Goggles welcome, so long as they stay safely on your child, and are not used as weaponry. 🙂 )
  • Tuesday: Pajama Day! Please make sure that the sleepwear chosen is modest and safe for recess.
  • Wednesday: Stuffed Animal Day! Bring your favorite stuffed buddy to class for the day!
  • Thursday: Dress as your Hero! Come dressed as someone you look up to!
  • Friday: 3rd Grade Day! Come as a 3rd grader! This is the last day, so let’s be ourselves. 🙂
3rd Grade Celebration
  • See the attached letter about “Secret Treat Bags” for the last day of school 🙂
  • Stay tuned for additional information.

Sigrid Skaggs

Grade 3 Teacher