G2 Newsletters

May 22, 2017


Bible Students will practice and perform the Books of the Bible song.
Word Work     No word work this week.
­­Reading Workshop We will continue reading our novel Charlotte’s Web. We will watch the movie when finished.
Writing Workshop Students will write a letter introducing themselves to Miss Skaggs, the third grade teacher!
Math As this year quickly comes to a close, I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful year. I loved working with your children during math class and I look forward hearing about their continued growth in 3rd grade.
Science No science this week, except for our field trip to the Natural History Science Museum.
Chapel There will be no chapel this Thursday. We will have an end-of-the-year chapel Friday morning at 10am.
Tidbits Lap Books An invitation was sent home with the students Friday afternoon inviting parents to stop in the room between 8:05 and 8:25 Monday morning to see the second graders’ research lap books.


Homework There will not be any official homework this week. Please just make sure your child is reading a total of 30 minutes each afternoon/evening. During the summer months, one of the best things for your child to be doing is reading. Please give them access to “good fit” books, whether it be through the school library, Tumblebooks, or a Kindle app and plenty of quiet time to continue growing as a reader!

Book Bags Students will be bringing home items from school throughout the week. Please make sure they have their book bags every day, except Wednesday and Friday.


Field Trip Our field trip is on Wednesday. We will leave the school at 8:30 and return around 2:30. If you are chaperoning, please be in the classroom at 8:20. Make sure you have completed the Child Protection Network training.

Class Party Our class party will be Thursday, May 25. To celebrate our time together this year, we will have a swim and pizza party! To help cover the cost of the pool rental (which includes lifeguards) and the pizza, please send 125NT with your child before Tuesday, May 23. Make sure your child brings their suit, towels, and goggles to school on Thursday. Thank you!


Last Day of School How can this be here already? Dismissal will be at 10:30 Friday morning. Report cards will be given to the students at dismissal. Please be advised the atrium will be closed shortly thereafter to prepare for graduation reception.


Belated Birthday A happy belated birthday to Kaylyn this past Thursday, May 18.


Happy birthday: Nathan on June 26

Judy on July 13

Zacheus on July 13

Allen on July 27





Kelli Dingus

Grade 2 Teacher