G2 Newsletters

November 20, 2017


Bible Bible Verse: “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.” Psalm 118:1


This week during our Bible time, we will examine at our third VFOL for the year- Critical and Creative Thinker. When a student is a critical and creative thinker, they use creativity, and often think “outside the box”. They are able to solve problems.

Phonics/Grammar     Students will be completing a spelling analysis of unit 4 words.
­­Reading Workshop Students have explored many nonfiction text features during the last week and a half. On Monday, they will do a “treasure hunt” looking for how many of these text features they can find in one of their book bin books. We will finish this section of our nonfiction unit with an assessment.
Writing Workshop When publishing, it is important for the author to have their words spelled correctly. This week, students will practice using a dictionary to correct misspelled words.
Math This week students will continue three-digit subtraction, including subtracting across zeroes; do “turkey” math activities; and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.
Social Studies We will begin Economics, our last Social Studies unit,of the year. In this unit, we will explore the concepts of resources, production, and bartering.
Chapel There will not be chapel this week!
Tidbits Thanksgiving Feast Our annual Thanksgiving Feast will be Monday, November 20. Please plan on arriving at the basement commons before 10:55am. For the parent helpers, please arrive by 10:40 to meet with Kerri Smith. We are so thankful you are willing to help our Thanksgiving Feast be a success!


Half Day Wednesday is a half day with a noon dismissal. No lunch will be served and the library will close at 12:15. Teachers have meetings so there will not be any supervision on the school grounds. Any student not picked up at noon will be asked to wait in the atrium area.


Pajama Day The half day Wednesday will be Pajama Day for our class. In addition, since we will all be in our pjs, its only fitting our snack of the day will be homemade waffles. Please feel free to contribute to our morning snack by sending in syrup, honey, or jam to share with the class. If your child would like a juice box, that would be great as well.


Library We will be going to the library for home check out Wednesday morning. Please have your child return any overdue books so they can check out more books so they can have plenty of reading material for the long weekend.


Caring Heart Helping Hands Our annual Christmas Project kicked off at a K12 chapel last Thursday. In our classroom there is a jar to collect money for a community center in a rural area of Taiwan, as well as the help build a clinic for the Ati people in the Philippines. It is my hope that the students would not look for you to fill their jar, but give from their own funds. In addition, children experience the joy of giving when they sacrifice their time. Set up a chore for your child to complete. When they do so, give them an agreed amount to put in their jar. Giving is a life long attitude that must be grown and cultivated in the lives of children!


Upcoming Events:

Monday, November 27- School Resumes

Wednesday, November 29- Progress Reports

Friday, December 1- Elementary (3-5) Christmas Concert

Saturday, December 9- Christmas Bazaar



Happy Birthday to Zion on Wednesday, November 22!