G2 Newsletters

May 28, 2018


Bible Every year for the last five years, the second graders have

made a recording of the class singing the Books of the Bible

Song. This week, we will continue the tradition.

Phonics/Grammar     No phonics or grammar this week.
Reading Students will help Mrs. Dingus pack up the classroom library!
Writing Workshop Students will write a friendly letter to Miss Skaggs introducing themselves to next year’s teacher.
Math Students will have math on Monday and Tuesday. Good fun math is in the plans!
Science On Monday, students will display their animal habitat lap books. Please join us from 8:05 to 8:20am. There will also be the field trip on Wednesday to the National Museum of Natural History.
Chapel There will not be a chapel this Thursday. Instead, a celebratory chapel will be help 9:30 Friday morning. Afterwards, report cards will be distributed and the students will be dismissed for the summer.
Tidbits Swimming There will not be any swimming in PE this last week. Students do need their swimsuits, towels, and goggles for the swimming party on Thursday.


Field Trip On Wednesday, May 30 our class will visit the Taichung Museum of Natural Science. Many of the exhibits go hand in hand with our science benchmarks. Since visitors who arrive before 10 am on Wednesdays are admitted free of charge, this trip will be cost free for our students. Transportation will be provided by the school.We will depart 8:30am and return by 2:30pm. Chaperones, please be in our room by 8:15.

Please make sure you have completed the Children Protection Network training.


Class Party Our end-of-the-year party will be Thursday, May 31. Please make sure your child brings their swimsuit and towel because we have rented the pool! We will swim for an hour in the morning and then have pizza for lunch. Thank you to the parents who raised money at the Senior Flea Market. Those funds are being used tp pay for the rental and food. Thank you!


Report Cards will be given out after the K8 chapel and before the 10:30 dismissal. If your child still has material checked out from the library, the office will hold onto the report card until the book is either returned or paid for.


Happy birthday to Jessy, on Monday, May 28.


Summer Birthdays:

Mark- July 3

Amethyst- July 3

Chloe Chan- July 30