Student Life

Red Cross President's Update

This past quarter we have started two more projects. The first is Huei-Ming Blind School- around seven Morrison students and I go to Huei-Ming every other Saturday to spend time with the kids there. The staff told us that even though there are teachers around to help 24/7, they are very grateful for kids like […]

Senior Chalk Day

Less than 2014 hours until the class of 2014 are counted as alumni! [widgetkit id=99]

Red Cross Ministry Group

Over the span of just three months, the Red Cross ministry group, largely led by student Josephine Chiang, has been involved in providing English daycare for underprivilaged children. Each Wednesday, a team of seven to ten volunteers gather to develop the children's English through singing, playing games, tutoring, reading books, drawing, and assisting with conversational […]

Tacloban Trip Photos

Last Chinese New Year Break, a group of students and staff members travelled to Tacloban, Philippines. The group set out to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan and serve the people of Tacloban. Morrsion Academy hopes to continue providing aid to Tacloban and we are truly greatful for those who volunteered to join the group. […]

Pythagorean Spiral Gallery

The Geometry class did a project using the pythagorean theorem(a2+b2=c2) to make spirals to decorate and show off to the rest of the class.

Spiritual Life Week

It is a pleasure to have Marc Johnson on the Taichung campus as the speaker for the upcoming Spiritual Life Week. Marc has been leading the Jr. High ministry at Xenos Christian Fellowship for 16 years. To find out more about Marc check out his website or his facebook page. The topics for the week: Monday: […]

Morrison Makes a Difference In Tacloban

Click to see rest of article including a video “There’s no description for how awful [the crisis in Tacloban] is. People are going to school, people are working, people are going on with their lives; but there’s no electricity. They’re living in tents. It’s by far the worst place in the world,” asserted the recent […]

30 Hour Famine 2014

Check out our school's page for this year's 30 Hour Famine: Release the Feast Download Permission Slip!  

Alumni Staff Reflections: Tim Dwight

Graduated 1979 What is something in Morrison that is better now compared to when you were a student? There are more choices and opportunities for students than there were back then. Today we have AP classes, swimming, extracurricular, opportunities for service…in general, much more choices in terms of education. What is something that Morrison used to […]

Year of the Horse

It is said that if you are born during the year of the horse you will be energetic, independent, impatient, and will enjoy traveling. Do you know anyone who matches this description? If you do, they might have been born during the year of the horse. Here are some people who you might know who […]